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Another Prime crash - Stefan Dröge (Germany) - 11-06-2013

Edit: It looks like this is intended (although not documented in the user guide). So ignore the "bug" report.

I found another way to crash the Prime: Press the keys On+Symb.

I also found that On+Esc and On+"a b/c" is a shortcut to the exam mode settings. I guess that's not a bug, but I also did not see it documented in the user guide.

By the way: Question to the HP guys: What is the preferred way to receive bug reports like this one? Is this forum ok?

- Stefan

Edited: 6 Nov 2013, 12:10 p.m.

Re: Another Prime crash - Michael de Estrada - 11-06-2013

On + Symb is a way to reset the calculator, and is not a "crash." It can be used when there is a problem that won't go away with a simple power Off then On.

Edited: 6 Nov 2013, 12:39 p.m.

Re: Another Prime crash - Stefan Dröge (Germany) - 11-06-2013

Yes, I noticed that too in the meantime. (see my edit)