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HP Prime Crash - bluesun08 - 11-04-2013

While working in CAS suddenly the HP Prime crash. After turning on the calculator is in exam mode, for whatever reason. How can i leave the exam mode? I was not in exam mode previously and set also no password.

Re: HP Prime Crash - Tim Wessman - 11-04-2013

What does the time on your unit say? Is the date from early June/July? Try connecting it to the PC which with the connkit running and that should set the time correctly. One possible explanation is that there was a valid exam mode configuration saved in flash, and the calculator saw it when the date was reset.


Re: HP Prime Crash - Michael de Estrada - 11-04-2013

I was wondering why the time on my Prime was automatically adjusted for DST yesterday. So, I guess it automatically synchronizes to the pc clock when it's attached via the USB and the Conn Kit is running ? As to the problem in this OP, would a full restore from a pc backup also fix this, or is the date/time stamp not saved as part of a backup ?

Re: HP Prime Crash - Tim Wessman - 11-04-2013

Date/time is not part of the backup. Yes, the adjustment would have happened due to the PC time changing and not anything on the calc.


Re: HP Prime Crash - bluesun08 - 11-04-2013

So i have two new problems:

1. In exam mode, there isn't a date field.

2. I have to buy a windows pc (only use a mac).

Re: HP Prime Crash - Michael de Estrada - 11-04-2013

I'd suggest connecting the calculator to the AC charger and leave it turned on. According to the User Guide, Exam Mode should timeout after a maximum of 8 hours after which time you should regain control of the calculator and be able to manually adjust all settings, including the clock.

If this doesn't work, you may have to reformat the flash drive, which will restore the calculator operating system, but will erase any data and programs you had stored on it.

It's really unfortunate that there's no way to backup the calculator other than on a pc via the connectivity kit. You could, I suppose, buy a second Prime and a micro USB to micro USB cable, and use the second Prime to backup the first.

Edited: 4 Nov 2013, 5:21 p.m.