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IR printer failure - Andrew Nikitin - 11-01-2013

My infrared printer started doing this after I plug it in:

"This" is black horizontal lines that head leaves when it moves. Several clean lines are when i tried to press "feed line" button -- in this case printer moves the head and head leaves the trail. After some time this went away and I managed to print a few lines normally, but it returned after I turned it off and then back on. Printer is working off AC adapter, battery terminals are heavily damaged, I cannot use it with batteries.

Is it known failure mode and can I fix it?

Re: IR printer failure - Andrew Nikitin - 11-01-2013

(second attempt to upload image)

Re: IR printer failure - Raymond Del Tondo - 11-01-2013

Maybe a short-circuit due to corroded battery terminals?

Possible solution: Clean or replace damaged battery terminals, and check and (if applicable and possible) clean innards of printer from batteryleakage.



Re: IR printer failure - bluesun08 - 11-02-2013

Is it possible to connect a HP Prime with this printer and print on it?

Re: IR printer failure - Andrew Nikitin - 11-02-2013

The printer in question is HP 82240A. It uses IR interface to communicate. Since HP Prime does not have IR LED, I am going to guess "no"

Re: IR printer failure - bluesun08 - 11-03-2013

Is it possible to use an IR-adapter on HP Prime?

Re: IR printer failure - Walter B - 11-03-2013

Looks like at least one pixel of the print head is constantly powered on. Maybe helps in searching the failure.


Re: IR printer failure - Andrew Nikitin - 11-05-2013

This much was kind of obvious. I was hoping for more specific hints.