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Prime as laptop numeric keypad - Jose Gonzalez Divasson - 10-30-2013

I am using the Prime in my main job, where I am using a laptop and Excel extensively. This means that I have a numeric keypad attached to the laptop - yet another nuisance to carry with me when travelling.

Now, the Prime is identified as a HID device - can't it be made to act as a numeric keypad as well, by means of an specialized app, the same way you can do input/output with the streamsmart equipment and app?

If it could be possible, I would be willing to pay for that - and it would be an additional selling argument: the first _serious_ calculator that can help you as well as laptop numeric keypad. Anyone?

Re: Prime as laptop numeric keypad - debrouxl - 10-31-2013

Theoretically, the Prime could clearly be made to act as a HID keyboard, but so far, there's no way to do that. See Tim Wessman's reply in http://www.hpmuseum.org/cgi-sys/cgiwrap/hpmuseum/archv021.cgi?read=253148 for more information.

Nobody has posted about having achieved arbitrary code execution and ported Linux to the Prime, which would be one of the ways to do what you need.

If you're used to HP calculators, you probably won't consider it a serious calculator, but FWIW, the TI-89T can act as a HID keyboard and mouse, through a third-party program known as Linky, made by Brandon "BrandonW" Wilson (I contributed the keyboard reading & remapping code) ;)

I used Linky's HID capability successfully on multiple Windows, Linux and MacOS X computers, including an embedded ARM dev board with only an USB mini-A female plug, which enabled me to get a SSH server installed on it before we bought a mini-A male <-> A female cable.