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plotting diff eq's - Richard Berler - 10-27-2013

How do I plot differential equations on the Prime? I'm not seeing this in the manual.

Re: plotting diff eq's - Tim Wessman - 10-27-2013

You can do it in the geometry at the moment, but that is the only way.


Re: plotting diff eq's - Eddie W. Shore - 10-28-2013

In the Geometry app:

1. Press the Symb button (Symbolic View)

2. Select New (third soft key)

3. Call the plotode key (Toolbox, CAS, 7. Plot, 5. ODE or plotode)

4. Press the Plot key to plot it.


plotode( f(x,y) , [x,y], [x0, y0])


x = independent variable

y = dependent variable

x0 and y0 are initial conditions.