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HP-42S ESD self-test - Yriarte - 10-23-2013

The self-test activated by the second key on the second row (RCL) in my HP-42S, will display the text ESD in the screen and the beeper starts beeping. This test can be stopped by pressing a random button. What's ESD meaning and what is tested?
Anyone can help me?.
Waiting your answers.
Best regards,


Edited: 23 Oct 2013, 6:08 p.m.

Re: HP-42S ESD self-test - Eric Smith - 10-24-2013

Electrostatic Discharge.

The ESD self-test is not useful without specialized test equipment.

Re: HP-42S ESD self-test - Yriarte - 10-24-2013

Thanks a lot!