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HP-10C Series Family Photo - Max Stone - 10-23-2013

I've eventually completed my HP-10C Series family. These are all US production, the HP-12C is the oldest from the first year of production:

HP-10C: 1983. HP-11C: 1988. HP-12C: 1981. HP-15C: 1985. HP-16C: 1983

They're all in excellent condition and functionally perfect. The 10C was the most difficult to find with a production run of only 18 months (Sept 1982 to March 1984). A couple of interesting facts:

The 10C, 12C & 16C have no FCC or any other regulatory markings on the back label. The vinyl covers of the 12C & 16C have the HP embossed logo on one side only.

Best regards, MAX

Re: HP-10C Series Family Photo - Gerson W. Barbosa - 10-23-2013

Very nice Voyager set! Congratulations!

My HP-16C needs a replacement bezel and the elusive HP-10C is still missing, but the others are ok, except that the Chinese one is not exactly a collection item :-)

HP-11C (SN 2540B*****)

HP-12C (SN CN048*****)

HP-15C (SN 2905B*****)

Best regards,


Re: HP-10C Series Family Photo - Max Stone - 10-23-2013

I've also got an early single cell Chinese HP-12C, CN408***** (2004). The keys are so lose that if I hold the calculator upside down, the keys hang out! That said, my 2010 Chinese ARM 12C is built close to US spec.

Re: HP-10C Series Family Photo - Mike (Stgt) - 10-24-2013

Congrats for the 10C. Not only the calculator is rare, a copy of its ROM too. I am still desperately seeking for it. Pls, take pity on me, one copy only.


Re: HP-10C Series Family Photo - Artur-Brazil - 10-24-2013

Congratulations! Finally the full family!

Re: HP-10C Series Family Photo - Eddie W. Shore - 10-24-2013