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HP-12C batteries - Yriarte - 10-12-2013

I've bought a vintage HP-12C from 1988 (serial number 2812A51719).
I've three silver oxide batteries SEIKO SR44W (357) from my trusty HP-42S and I donĀ“t have the original "HP-12C Owner's Handbook".
Can I use this batteries for my HP-12C?.
Thanks in advance.
Waiting for your answers,


Edited: 12 Oct 2013, 9:23 p.m.

Re: HP-12C batteries - Michael de Estrada - 10-12-2013


Re: HP-12C batteries - Kiyoshi Akima - 10-12-2013

Yes, you may. I just opened up one of my 16Cs, and I've got three of them in there.

Re: HP-12C batteries - Quan - 10-12-2013

Yes, you can.

The silver-oxide type is more expensive and lasts longer.

Re: HP-12C batteries - Yriarte - 10-12-2013

Thanks a lot!