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Can someone explain - Mike Powell - 10-12-2013

how this forum software operates ?

I've posted in a couple of threads and (seemingly) random posts just seem to disappear at random

Am I being moderated ? or does stuff just go to archive automatically *very quickly ?

Re: Can someone explain - Gerson W. Barbosa - 10-12-2013

If the titles of the first posts in the threads you've replied to began with "Re: " then they were part of old threads already by then. These usually are soon archived, together with the recent responses to it.

Edited: 12 Oct 2013, 3:03 p.m.

Re: Can someone explain - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 10-12-2013

The forum is very busy in these days. Messages from early October already start vanishing towards the archives. I've done a Google search with "Mike Powell site:hpmuseum.org". It revealed a handful of posts half of which are already gone.

Re: Can someone explain - Mike Powell - 10-12-2013

Thanks for the quick answers chaps

Surely text only doesn't take up that much space ?

Shame the trigger point couldn't be shifted a little to allow the messages to stay unarchived longer ?

Anyway, thanks

Re: Can someone explain - Les Koller - 10-12-2013

I tend to agree, and welcome to the site.

Re: Can someone explain - FORTIN Pascal - 10-12-2013

I totally understand your point, with all these prime questions all the other interesting posts seem to disappear...