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HP 50g app for the HP Prime - Martin Paech - 10-02-2013

Just an innocent question/suggestion---I know neither how its realization will affect the HP Prime marketing strategy and the HP 50g sales nor what resources it will bind:

Would it be interesting for HP to make those professionals happy with the HP Prime who do not need an IR or RS232 port and do not have to change SD cards (frequently) but like to make use of the amazing hardware and the "next-generation" programming and (expandable) visualization capabilities of the HP Prime beside the valued RPL within a 50g app?

I think, the I/O could be virtualized (files, USB port) and the 50g display could simply scaled by factor 2 (262 by 160 pixels (b/w---anti-aliased?) plus a border for status annunciators and softkeys for the missing parts of the 50g keyboard)...


Edit: Please excuse if there was already a thread treating this (maybe stupid) idea.

Edited: 2 Oct 2013, 8:28 a.m.

Re: HP 50g app for the HP Prime - Eddie W. Shore - 10-02-2013

A 50G app for the Prime sounds interesting. If that came to pass, would it replace the RPN Entry mode Prime currently has?

Re: HP 50g app for the HP Prime - Martin Paech - 10-02-2013

To be honest, I could imagine that this is what (some? many?) 28/48/49/50 users (beside a real "51g"---on basis of the Prime hardware?) desire.

But I fear, it would be too laborious (= expensive) to go beyond the Saturn emulation and the re-use of the 50g O/S by integrating the stack of the "50g app" into the entire Prime software environment (beside a copy&paste functionality?)...

Re: HP 50g app for the HP Prime - steindid - 10-02-2013

Sorry I have not the knowlegde to answer the question, but suggestions :

-1- 50g Prime which is a kind of 50g implementation on the Prime hardware ;

-2- a compiler from RPL to PPL, of course impossible to use straight foreward the PPL resulting on the prime ;

-3- RPL interpreter ;

Of course only the 1 can do all the 50g does.
2 and 3 are very fast to achieve.

Sorry for the bad english.

Edited: 2 Oct 2013, 11:19 a.m.