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HHC 2013 speakers' files - Joe Horn - 09-24-2013

The files submitted by the speakers at HHC 2013 for inclusion on the official HHC 2013 Thumb Drive are now freely available online:


Some folders are empty because some speakers did not submit any files. In other words, if you missed HHC 2013, you missed a lot.

Prepare to be amazed by Jackie Woldering's folder.

N.B. This is not everything on the 8GB thumb drive; just the speakers' files.


Re: HHC 2013 speakers' files - Kimberly Thompson - 09-24-2013


T H A N K S !!


Re: HHC 2013 speakers' files - Geoff Quickfall - 09-26-2013

Further to Joes posting, the work done by Jackie is incredible, he and Jake have put together a fantastic resource!! Kudos!


Edited: 26 Sept 2013, 2:51 a.m.