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HP Prime Emulator - Han - 09-23-2013

I remember posting that I had revision 5016. Thinking my CD would have a much more recent build, I "updated" the emulator only to find out I am now running build 4980. Does anyone have a link to the updated version? I cannot seem to even find the HP Prime page on hp.com (typing in HP Prime at the search box on hp.com gives practically nothing useful on the first page *sigh*).

Re: HP Prime Emulator - Gerson W. Barbosa - 09-23-2013

This one, perhaps:


Re: HP Prime Emulator - Gilles Carpentier - 09-24-2013

I think there is an "Update" option in the emulator

Edit :

- Clic 'Calculator'
- then 'check for update'

Edited: 24 Sept 2013, 7:51 a.m.

Re: HP Prime Emulator - Han - 09-24-2013

Thank you for the link. Yes, there is an update function on the emulator, but it claims that it is up-to-date even though the revision number is different from the most recent build.

Re: HP Prime Emulator - kris223 - 09-24-2013

Mine did the same thing and thanks for the link. I was hopping that the updated version would put the minus key on the number pad but its the same. In RPN mode I must use the minus key on the top row by the 1 thru 0 keys. The number sign on the num pad swaps the sign of the number ...