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Trig Functions - Howard Owen - 09-14-2013

This from the Onion,

and this from Scientific American .

Re: Trig Functions - Pier Aiello - 09-14-2013

Nice :)

Re: Trig Functions - Namir - 09-14-2013

Cute but I would not write home about it!!!

I was dabbling with DEFINING NEW TRIG FUNCTIONS recently, and I tell you that coming up with zinger functions IS NOT EASY!!!


Re: Trig Functions - Garth Wilson - 09-14-2013

How did our space program ever get going without them?! Idiotic.

Re: Trig Functions - Namir - 09-14-2013

Very idiotic!!!!

OT: Re: Trig Functions - Katie Wasserman - 09-14-2013

Yeah, but they have fun names! My favorite semi-obscure mathematics terms are 'subtrahend' and 'minuend'. I think everyone from my generation learned them in grade school in the USA but most promptly forgot them since they were never used again. I always thought that they would make excellent names for a pair of small dogs.

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Re: OT: Re: Trig Functions - Pier Aiello - 09-15-2013

Obscure? I filled entire pages of subtrahend and minuend in my firsts grades, just to memorize those terms. Damn teacher.

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Re: Trig Functions - Eddie W. Shore - 09-15-2013

LOL. I loved the Onion article.

Re: OT: Re: Trig Functions - Gerson W. Barbosa - 09-15-2013

Here (in Brazil) we call them minuendo and subtraendo. I've just correctly guessed what the latter should be in Italian: sottraendo. This makes for a nice mnemonic. From Wikipedia:


Per fare una sottrazione in colonna bisogna prima scrivere il minuendo, e sotto, il sottraendo: 86 - 34 = 52


These were taught in first or second grade, I think. Good old days when memory was always fresh and neurons worked at full speed :-)

Re: OT: Re: Trig Functions - Massimo Gnerucci (Italy) - 09-15-2013

Well done Gerson, A+ or, as we were used here, 10+


Re: OT: Re: Trig Functions - Gerson W. Barbosa - 09-15-2013

Grazie, Massimo! :-)

Numeric grades are used here as well, but for a while we had alpha grades in high-school, which I disliked.

Re: Trig Functions - Fred Lusk - 09-16-2013

Some of those "new" trig functions were used by surveyors in the pre-computer days and may still be used by them from time to time. I was introduced to them when I took Surveying I & II in college. But, since I'm a civil engineer and I have a computer, I have no need for them any more.