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HP41CX: Strange serial #... - Stephan Matthys - 09-11-2013

I recently could acquire two HP41CX in reasonable condition together with some peripherals... ;-)

The first CX I got has the serial # 3340H00013, the second one something similar (can't reach it at the moment, therefore no exact information...). Both devices do not have the serial # engraved, but just on a paper sticker. First of all I thought it might be an internal reference # of our company, but after opening the first device I saw additional stickers with the same # all over its interior...

Any idea what this serial # could mean? Imho it doesn't fit in the description given here ...

According to this scheme my CX would have been built in 1993, but afaik the CX was discontinued in 1990... Furthermore the letter "H" does not fit in the scheme, too...
Maybe repaired units with blank backs?

Curious about answers & explanations!

Thanks in advance!

Edited: 11 Sept 2013, 4:04 p.m.

Re: HP41CX: Strange serial #... - Stephan Matthys - 09-13-2013

No-one an idea?