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[Sigma]DAT on the 50G - Matt Agajanian - 09-06-2013

Hello all.

Please refresh my memory.

Where is the [SIGMA]DAT variable on the 50G? Or, does it need to be manually created as a name?


Re: [Sigma]DAT on the 50G - Mark Hardman - 09-06-2013

You can CHOOSE any named matrix from the STAT applications. Once you choose the named matrix it is copied to [Sigma]DAT in the current directory. You can also EDIT [Sigma]DAT directly from a STAT application. If the variable does not exist in the current directory, it is created.

Re: [Sigma]DAT on the 50G - Matt Agajanian - 09-06-2013

Thanks for the refresher course.

Much appreciated.