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HP-41CL anyone? - Matt Agajanian - 08-29-2013

Hello all.

Last year, HP-41 rebuilds into a 41CL were a hot prospect here. Are these upgrades still available? If so, who do I contact?

Re: HP-41CL anyone? - Kimberly Thompson - 08-29-2013





Re: HP-41CL anyone? - Matt Agajanian - 08-29-2013

Goodie!!! They're still around! Thanks.

Re: HP-41CL anyone? - Ángel Martin - 08-30-2013

Appears a new batch is coming out, further improved than ever. If you still haven't got yours you don't have an idea what you're missing...

Re: HP-41CL anyone? - Matt Agajanian - 08-30-2013

Along with this new batch, I wonder if the same model restrictions (Fullnut, display type, etc.) are still in place for 41s suitable for this retrofit.

Re: HP-41CL anyone? - Randy - 08-30-2013

No changes, you still need a fullnut core.

Re: HP-41CL anyone? - Matt Agajanian - 08-30-2013

Thanks. Please refresh my memory, which model is regarded as a Fullnut 41?

Re: HP-41CL anyone? - Steve Simpkin - 08-31-2013


Re: HP-41CL anyone? - Sylvain Cote - 08-31-2013

You can find very nice pictures here ...


Look at the bottom of the page.