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HP 7475 plotter available - Dave Shaffer (Arizona) - 08-26-2013

I would put this in the Want Ads, but time may be of the essence.

An HP 7475 is available locally (i.e. here in Flagstaff, Arizona) as announced on our local Freecycle email system. Freecycle is a way one can offer items no longer wanted/needed. All items must be offered for free.

Hence, the plotter - in unknown condition - is available to whoever wants it.

I have been in touch with the offerer and the plotter is still available. I have no interest in it, but would be glad to be an intermediary to pick it up and ship it (for the cost of shipping) to anybody here on the Forum who wants it.

I have told the offerer to give it to anybody else locally who expresses an interest. If anybody here wants it, though, I will claim it.