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Availability of scientific HPs - Matt Agajanian - 08-23-2013

Hello all,

In the upcoming release of the HP Prime, I am wondering if it would be available in stores such as Staples, Office Depot and OfficeMax.

Given my observations over the last five years or so, I have noticed that no RPN scientific models from HP have been available in these stores. I presume that, even though it's an RPN model, the fact that the 12C is a business/financial model (and the best selling one at that) is the reason that the office supply stores only have this HP model on the shelf.

Another theory I have is that kids, students, etc. are more apt to buy an algebraic, AOS, graphing algebraic model than an RPN/RPL one and that's why there are no 50g, 35s or their predecessors available now or when they were available.

In light of these, where would I find an HP Prime outside of ordering one directly from HP?

Re: Availability of scientific HPs - HAL9000 - 08-23-2013

My bet is on amazon.com (and probably cheaper than any of the places you mentioned).

Re: Availability of scientific HPs - Dwight Sturrock - 08-23-2013

The 50G and the 35S were available at one time at bricks and mortar Best Buys.

Re: Availability of scientific HPs - Matt Agajanian - 08-23-2013

Geesh! Best Buy. Forgot about them. Thanks for the flashback. Which reminds me. There was also Circuit City too. I recall that when I bought my HP-32S II, I got it from The Good Guys!

Re: Availability of scientific HPs - Eddie W. Shore - 08-28-2013

I have always had the best luck at Fry's or a college university bookstore.