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48GX Annunciators - Tony G - 08-04-2013

I’m new in here, and looking to see if anyone else has encountered this and possibly has a solution.

The alpha and left shift annunciators on my 48GX simply do not show on the display, although everything seems to work and it passes all the tests. Even though during the display test those two annunciators do not show.


Re: 48GX Annunciators - Randy - 08-04-2013

Defective LCD. More common on the blue displays than the black. They tend to fail stuck on, rather than off, with the later black version.

Re: 48GX Annunciators - Tony G - 08-04-2013

Thanks, mine is the black.
I guess if the rest of functionality is OK, it's not that bad.

Thanks again.

Re: 48GX Annunciators - Han - 08-05-2013

Do they light up if you press slightly on the bezel between the bottom of the screen and first row of keys? If so, it may just be a slight air gap or some dirt that needs addressing.