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One thing I really love on HP PRIME... - dg1969 - 07-31-2013

Is the shift define key... The ability to quickly define a user function with multiple var... Actually, on pre-release, unfinished software version, it doesn't work on RPN mode (it seem to work when function was created in algebraic mode then switch and use in RPN mode but I can't define new function when the mode is RPN). I can imagine that a lot of improvement are done on actual code.

I look quickly in the "user guide" but I can't find a way to create a custom soft menu buttons bar... You can assign alternative functionality to any key on the keyboard but I'd like to access to my user function in a single soft key press as I do with my 50G... Actually I have to scroll in the Toolbox menus...

Perhaps I miss something or I should read more deep in the "user guide"...