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New keyboard desing for HP-Prime - CompSystems - 07-21-2013

sorry for my bad English

After using the emulator of the HP-Prime, are saying this new keyboard desing?


+1, or -1, or indifferent




a HP-prime style skin for emu48+ under soon

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Re: New keyboard desing for HP-Prime - Raymond Del Tondo - 07-22-2013

Too many shifts for my taste, and one key too much. The real Prime already has three functions printed on nearly each key, which may be a good compromise.

Re: New keyboard desing for HP-Prime - Walter B - 07-22-2013

Could fly but with a better contrast of legends. And please look for shorter legends or they will be hardly readable. Yes, there's one key too much in the ENTER row.

Just my 20m€.


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Re: New keyboard desing for HP-Prime - CompSystems - 07-22-2013

^ off topic

Please remove

About changing thread topics... - Raymond Del Tondo - 07-23-2013

Oh well, I'd say it can be misleading (and it's a bad habit) to edit an initial post _after_ some replies were made.
In this case it's even worse because the added skins for Emu48g+ have next to nothing to do with the original initial post, and the replies were for the initial post _before_ the reassignment.

Re: New keyboard desing for HP-Prime - Pete Wilson - 08-02-2013

The formatting is terrible (consider moving letters off key tops like the WP-34S).

The layout seem to have arbitrary rearrangements for no improvement (shifted SYMB, Toolbox key).

I think having a second shift key is a good move, but I don't think this is a great design for using one.