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41Z / SandMath Overlays: Ready at last! - Ángel Martin - 07-20-2013

Folks, this is it - I'm glad to announce that the 41Z and SandMath overlays are finally ready!

A few weeks ago I ran a quick poll probing the interest -

I thought the response was good enough to get one small batch prepared at a local print shop. They're done with an electronic die cutter ("blade plotter"), printed on laminated vinyl sheet, self-adhesive.

They're meant to be peeled off and stuck on a blank/spare overlay (the "carrier"). The process isn't difficult, you just need to be careful. In this way you can add your own personal touch to them.

The graphics quality is excellent, I used AutoCAD files further converted to vector format. You can see them at the following link:

41Z & SandMath Overlays

I've compiled the table of interested folks below; I know you guys are free to bail out but I'm hoping you stick to the initial intention and help me minimize costs.

Quantities are for pairs, i.e. one of each is "1".

Name            	Qty.	Land
Ángel Martin 10 -
Aurelio 1 I
Diego Díaz 1 E
Dough (NYC) 1 US
Ernst Fuelop 2 A
Garth Wilson 1 US
Geir Isene 1 N
John Abbott 2 SA
José Gonzalez Divasson 7 E
Jürgen Keller 3 CH
Michael Fehlhammer 8 D
Monte Dalrymple 1 US
Paul Dale 1 AUS
Sylvain Cote 10 CAN
Total 49

The good news is the price is half of the initial estimation in the poll, i.e. the pair goes for $10. I'm using another $5 for airmail S&H *worldwide*, regardless of your location (global village in action) - so it's $15 in total.

Needless to say I'm not doing any business here, just trying to recover the investment.

Pls. send me an email at my registered address in this forum and I'll forward you the instructions to complete the transaction.

Hope to hear form you soon!


Re: 41Z / SandMath Overlays: Ready at last! - Diego Diaz - 07-20-2013

Good news indeed!

Will mail you for the details and of course I'll stay in the queue. :-)



Re: 41Z / SandMath Overlays: Ready at last! - John Abbott (S. Africa) - 07-22-2013

Hi Angel, great! Thanks for your efforts.
I put my name down for 2 of each. Will you charge $5 postage for each, or will the total be $25?
Regards John

Re: 41Z / SandMath Overlays: Ready at last! - Ángel Martin - 07-23-2013

Hi John, $5 US is the total S&H charge. Send me an email if you're still interested.