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[41CL] A couple more rhetorical questions - Monte Dalrymple - 07-11-2013

One way that users are "protected" from accidental Flash erase and write operations is that you have to deliberately copy YFNZ to RAM and then point the MMU at that copy before the YFERASE and YFWR will actually work. I could change these functions to automatically copy the relevant (small) sections of code to RAM and execute them, eliminating the required user-level machinations. Or is it better to keep it painful to use these functions?

I did something similar with the MAPEN function, requiring a passphrase to be present in ALPHA before the function will actually execute. I am now thinking that this might be overkill, and unnecessary. Any thoughts?

Thanks, Monte

Edited: 11 July 2013, 9:15 p.m.

Re: [41CL] A couple more rhetorical questions - Ángel Martin - 07-12-2013

I actually don't mind the current requirements, which I don't see as limiting or restricting. In fact sometimes I'm glad they're as such, it stopped a couple of accidental over-writing of my YFNP copy!

Ditto about the passphrase, it's kinda neat to double check for reassurance.