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Patch for wp34s assembler - Marcel Samek - 06-26-2013

There is a minor bug in the wp34s assember. If you are running the assembler from a path that has a space in it, it will locate the preprocessor OK, but when it tries executing the preprocessor, the space in the path will cause the command line to fail.

The patch below puts the preprocessor path into quotes.

Index: wp34s_asm.pl
--- wp34s_asm.pl (revision 3424)
+++ wp34s_asm.pl (working copy)
@@ -1810,7 +1810,7 @@
$pp_location =~ s:\\:/:g;
$pp_options = $no_skip_override if $no_skip_override;
- $cmd = "${pp_location} $pp_options -cat $tmp_file";
+ $cmd = "\"${pp_location}\" $pp_options -cat $tmp_file";

if ($v3_mode) {
$cmd .= " -v3";