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Connecting 50g to Win7-PC - Victor Koechli - 06-25-2013

Hi all,

I have trouble with connx4 and my new HP-50g.

I dowloaded and installed the current software and try to exchange files with the calculator, but the transfer commands are greyed out and drag&drop doesn't work either. connx4 can read the calc's contents, and executing commands remotely also works, but no file transfer. I'm on 64-Bit Win7.

Any suggestions are very welcome. Thanks in advance,

PS HPConnect on my Mac, on the other hand, works perfectly!

Re: Connecting 50g to Win7-PC - Ingo - 06-26-2013

Have you installed it as administrator? Otherwise it can happen, that it has problems accessing the hardware.

You might try to deinstall it and reinstall it as administrator. Log in as admin and install with right click on installer and then choose "Run as administrator" (or similar, I don't recall the exact term)

Hope this helps


Re: Connecting 50g to Win7-PC - Gerson W. Barbosa - 06-26-2013

I was having the same problem here. I had installed the PC Connectivity Kit (v2.3.2439) and the 64-bit driver, but it would not work, except for the screen capture.



I uninstalled the Connectivity Kit and re-installed it again. This time I was asked to restart Windows (which previously I hadn't been asked for). After that it worked like a breeze.



Re: Connecting 50g to Win7-PC - Chris Smith - 06-26-2013

Couldn't get it to work myself (I have a 64-bit Win7 as well) and I have so many USB cables I can never find the right one anyway.

I use an SD card and use that to move stuff around instead.

Re: Connecting 50g to Win7-PC - Victor Koechli - 06-29-2013

Thanks everybody for your suggestions, I'll try them next week when I'm back to work (that's where the PC is). In the meantime, I too have resorted to using an SD card - or my Mac (did I mention that HPConnnect works perfectly on the Mac?)

Anyway, I'm a bit irritated by the fact that HP seems to sell their current calculators with software that doesn't work on current operating systems, and without any options for Mac users.

Regards, Victor

Re: Connecting 50g to Win7-PC - No success - Victor Koechli - 07-02-2013

I tried all suggestions, to no avail. I guess I'm not going to waste any more time on HP's software, but stick to SD card transfer or using my Mac instead.

Judging from the German localization, it seems as if HP hasn't put a lot of effort into this software anyway. Certainly, the translations were made by somebody who doesn't speak German him-/herself - and has never heard about umlauts. It's actually giving me eye cancer...

Thanks everybody for your help.
Regards, Victor

Re: Connecting 50g to Win7-PC - No success - Software49g - 07-02-2013

This is working flawless on my Win7 SP1 64-bit here.

IIRC you have to install the drivers first and install the
Connectivity Kit afterwards.

The files on hpcalc.org should work, at least that is where I got
mine from.

> Judging from the German localization

The only German localization that you will get is either

a) the one you do for yourself


b) my German MLP and my German built-in help for all commands.

AFAIK the German translation is done by Chinese translators (sic!).