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Re: RPN on an iPhone - Pal G. - 06-25-2013

Just wanted to let everyone know PocketCAS is on sale at the moment, for $2.99 from $9.99.

I am not the developer. I bought it a few months back and have enjoyed using it. The CAS engine is based on XCAS, and it provides some other nice features.

PocketCAS homepage

PocketCAS on iTunes

PocketCAS on Appshopper.

Edit: added link to PocketCAS homepage.

Edited: 25 June 2013, 6:40 p.m.

CAS on an iPhone and iPad - Mike (Stgt) - 06-26-2013

Where may I find the differences to the free version?

Re: CAS on an iPhone and iPad - Pal G. - 06-26-2013

Per the Appshopper description:

PocketCAS lite has the following limitations:
- Many advanced mathematical functions (e.g. integration, taylor expansion, eigenvalues, etc.) are unavailable.
- It will plot only one function at a time.
- Exported graphics will be watermarked.

NT: Thank you - Mike (Stgt) - 06-26-2013

NT spells NO TEXT in body

Another price drop. - Pal G. - 06-26-2013

I might as well use this thread to announce another app I've been watching has dropped in price. This one is OT, as it is neither RPN or HP. It's been over a year since a price drop, and the last price drop lasted 3 days.

Again, I am not the developer.

FX-602P Sim homepage

FX-602P Sim on iTunes

FX-602P Sim on Appshopper