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go41cx and forth rom? - John Ioannidis - 06-13-2013

I just got go41cx. I put it in 41cv mode, downloaded the FORTH module, tried installing it in all four ports, but it's not being recognized. "Infos" in the module menu sees it and claims it's OK.

Has anyone gotten it to work? Am I missing something?

Re: go41cx and forth rom? - Olivier De Smet - 06-14-2013

You are missing the last version of go41cx !! (I just put it on google play, just wait a bit).

In fact 4K forth module was supported (loaded on page 4), but the 8K forth need to load itself on page 4 & 5. So you need to go in CV mode (turn off calc (long ON press), from config, mod, CX<>CV, acknowledge). Then you can load FORTH module and see it in pages 4 & 5. In CX mode, page 5 is used by time module !

I put also a more 'rounded skin' by default (the previous is still available as 'classic old')

Re: go41cx and forth rom? - John Ioannidis - 06-14-2013

Thanks. I was already using the CV mode to free up page 5, of course. I just updated, and it's working now.

In the future, you may consider the ability to install custom skins; this way the tops and fronts of the buttons, not just the overlay areas, can be customized.

All in all, thanks for a great product!

Re: go41cx and forth rom? - Ángel Martin - 06-15-2013

Has anybody ever used the FORTH module to write a Forth program? It's such an elusive module (only the sacred souls seem to have some documentation) and with the configuration particulars it has I imagine would put off many potential users. Besides, I heard comments that there are not enough functions in it for a practical usage, even bugs?

Just wondering...

Re: go41cx and forth rom? - Garth Wilson - 06-15-2013

Is it the same one described at http://sense.net/~egan/forth41/forth41_v3n45_p29.pdf ? I was not aware of this module until recently, and I was not into Forth anyway until about 1989 (I got my feet wet on the 71 which did not have a very good Forth implementation either), so I never had this module; but it looks like it takes away nearly all the RAM, does not use standard text files for source code, and is awfully slim on functions, even for 4K. That's not to say he didn't do a good job with what he had to work with. He apparently did. The 41's hardware design does not seem conducive at all to Forth. I would kind of like to have Forth on my 41cx, but probably not without modern additions of much larger RAM and probably 41CL speed for the editor (as the 41cx text editor might be prohibitively slow for this). My type of work might have me a bit tunnel-visioned, but I see Forth having its greatest value where you want a lot of real-time, fast, direct-access I/O bit-twiddling, a description which again does not match the 41. The module might however give someone a big headstart to improve it now that modern hardware additions could allow a much better one.

Re: go41cx and forth rom? - Ángel Martin - 06-15-2013

Is it the same one described at http://http://sense.net/~egan/forth41/forth41_v3n45_p29.pdf ?

yes, the very same and only. In fact that document is the only piece of information publicly available on this module, and this scarcity contributes to the problem I think.

I'm with you on the requirements, shame this wasn't handled a bit more generously from the beginning, the user community could have improved on it.

Edited: 15 June 2013, 4:54 a.m.