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i41CX for iOS with page addressing - Sylvain Cote - 06-11-2013

There is a new version 5.9 of i41CX for iOS available on iTune.

See the release notice here.

Personally I love the bluetooth keyboard and the module page addressing.

I can now use Angel page 4 based modules on the i41cx 8-)


Re: i41CX for iOS with page addressing - Ángel Martin - 06-11-2013

That's certainly great news, the Library#4 spreads .. :-)

I need to get that upgrade for my iPOD, I wonder why I stopped getting the notifications for a long while, I hope there's no system incompatibility reasons (my unit is rather old).


Re: i41CX for iOS with page addressing - Antonio Lagana - 06-15-2013

Hi Angel,

It's been a while. I hope that all is well. I see that you're still carrying the MCODE development torch :). It's great to see new functionality being added to the HP-41 after all these years.

If you stopped getting the update notifications, it's probably because you're running an iOS version older than 4.3. The iOS development environment (Xcode) stopped supporting iOS versions prior to 4.3 when iOS 6.0 was released last year so in order to support the new 4" display devices (iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th generation), I had to restrict support to iOS 4.3 and later.

Re: i41CX for iOS with page addressing - Ángel Martin - 06-15-2013

Hi Antonio, thanks for confirming what I was afraid would be the case... unfortunately my ipod model cannot be upgraded to 4.3. Interesting business model followed by Apple, their only feedback was "not unless you buy a new model" - , I guess not. Obviously they didn't realize I´m using a 35 years old calculator daily, but what can we say.