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HP 38 C emulator - Olivier De Smet - 06-10-2013

To slowly complete my emulators, here comes go38c, an HP 38 C hardware emulator for android (from android 2.2 on phone upto android 4.x on 10 " tablet)

See : Site

I have some more models to do (I focuses on programmable models), be patient.

P.S. some people would like to have an HP29C model, but alas I don't have access to the rom of this one ...

Edited: 10 June 2013, 5:37 a.m.

Re: HP 38 C emulator - BShoring - 06-10-2013

Looks nice. Any chance you can make it available as an iOS app?

Re: HP 38 C emulator - Olivier De Smet - 06-10-2013


As I already told somewhere in this forum, I stopped coding on mac when they decided that hobbyists should pay to code !!

At least, Google and Microsoft allow hobbyists to code for free.