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Maciej Bartosiak's iOS simulators... - Pal G. - 06-05-2013

Does anyone know what happened to Maciej Bartosiak's simulators?

Can someone explain the debug screen featured in his calcs? I'm curious about what everything means. A pointer to documentation or a quick primer would be great.

Thank you.

Re: Maciej Bartosiak's iOS simulators... - BShoring - 06-05-2013

I can answer the first part. I emailed Maciej and he told me that sales of his 11 RPN emulators were not enough to justify the annual developer's fee from Apple. He decided not to renew this year and Apple promptly pulled all his apps. Sad outcome.
They will be missed for sure.

As to the debugger screen, I believe the registers A & B are scratch pad registers that the calculator uses internally. Register C contains the values in the X register. The following 3 (either listed as D, E, & F or Y, Z, & T) contain the rest of the stack. So you can use the debugger to view the stack, they way the calculator stores the numbers. Hopefully someone else can give a more detailed explanation of the rest of the debugger.


Re: Maciej Bartosiak's iOS simulators... - BShoring - 06-07-2013

Regarding the debugger screen you can find some details about the inner workings of the HP-35 at

Around the middle of the page you can see some of these fields explained.

Re: Maciej Bartosiak's iOS simulators... - Pal G. - 06-07-2013

Thanks for the original and additional input. Shame these calcs were pulled.