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HP-9825A I/O - David Ramsey - 06-03-2013

I have a 9825A, but do not have any of the I/O or Extended I/O ROMs.

Would I be able to use a 98026A serial interface of 98032A parallel interface without these ROMs? I know I wouldn't have the formatting abilities, but could I (for example) install the 98032A parallel interface, connect it to an old Epson printer, and just use "list #" to print program listings?

Failing that, does anyone have an I/O ROM for the 9825 they'd like to sell?

Re: HP-9825A I/O - David Ramsey - 06-03-2013

Hm. Never mind. My plotter ROM appears to have the standard and extended I/O ROMs built in as well. Never noticed that before.

Now we'll see if a 98032A will let me print to an old Epson LQ850. I am cautiously optimistic.

Re: HP-9825A I/O - Steve Leibson - 06-05-2013

The 98036A serial I/O card will certainly work with the I/O ROM but you must have that ROM, as I see you do. I designed the card. The 98224A System Programming ROM extends the capabilities of the 98036A but it's not required for simple printing.


Re: HP-9825A I/O - David Ramsey - 06-06-2013

The 98224A looks interesting. I'll have to keep my eye out for one of those.