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Sharp PC-E500 question - Basil - 04-29-2013

I have a Sharp PC-E500 calculator that gives me the error message "No Memory" when I turn it on. The message is displayed for about 2-3 seconds before the calculator turns off. Replacing the batteries (four AAA batteries and a CR2016 for the internal memory) does not help. I have also tried to reset the calculator with the reset button, but I still get the same error message. Any Suggestions?

Re: Sharp PC-E500 question - Chris Smith - 04-30-2013

To use the technical term, it sounds like it is knackered. I've noticed some cheaper devices (particularly old Casios) seem to develop memory corruption problems after a number of years which are unresolvable. I'm not sure what technology they use for memory but some forms actually have a limited lifetime I.e. FLASH and some cheaper SRAMs. These parts are probably non-replaceable on such devices.

Not sure that can be resurrected.