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HP71B to HP 41 Translator ROM Manual - Michael Lopez - 04-24-2013

Hi all,

I've been looking for the HP71B->HP41 Translator ROM Pac manual but can't seem to find it in any of the usual sources (including the M0HPC DVD V7). Would appreciate it if someone would point me to a link where a scanned copy may be found or even email me a copy.

Many thanks,


Re: HP71B to HP 41 Translator ROM Manual - Sylvain Cote - 04-24-2013

Hello Michael,

You will find it on the Museum DVD/cd07/sw/7141tr.pdf

Best regards,


Re: HP71B to HP 41 Translator ROM Manual - Namir - 04-24-2013

I thought the translator ROM translated HP-41C programs to HP-71B code! Yes????

Edited: 24 Apr 2013, 8:25 p.m.

Re: HP71B to HP 41 Translator ROM Manual - Sylvain Cote - 04-24-2013

The following is a copy of the introduction text of the module.

The HP 82490A HP-41 Translator Pac consists of:

• The HP-41 Translator Pac module, which contains a system of programs for the HP-71 designed to

allow you to convert programs written for the HP-41 for use on the HP-71. You can then run the

"translated" programs on your HP-71, taking advantage of the HP-71's enhanced speed and accuracy.

• A keyboard overlay, designed to customize your HP-71 keyboard for use with the HP-41 Translator Pac.

With the HP-41 module installed in your HP-71, you can:

• Use the HP-71 as an HP-41 calculator for keyboard operations and program execution. All HP-41

calculator features, including the alpha register, are available from the HP-71 keyboard.

• Write programs on the HP-71 in HP-41 user-programming language.

• Transfer programs automatically from the HP-41 to the HP-71 via HP-IL. (This requires HP-IL

modules for both calculators.)

• Extend the HP-41 user language, either by adding HP-41 extension module functions not included in

the HP-41 Translator Pac, or by adding new functions of your own design.

In short, the HP-41 Translator Pac allows you to retain the calculator and programming features of the

HP-41, and to use your HP-41 programs, as you move into the more sophisticated and powerful world of

the HP-71.

The HP-41 function set included in the HP-41 Translator Pac includes:

• All functions built into the HP-41C and HP-41CV calculators.

• Additional numeric, flag, and alpha data manipulation functions from the HP-41CX and the

HP 82180A Extended Functions/Memory Module.

• All of the HP-IL printer functions from the HP 82160A HP-IL Module for the HP-41 except the

special graphics functions.

Not included in the HP-41 Translator Pac are the time (TIME is included), date, stopwatch, alarm, and

extended memory functions from the HP-41CX, or any other functions from HP-41 extension modules.

Any HP-41 program that uses functions included in the pac can be translated and run on the HP-71.

HP-41 programs and keyboard operations that are executed on the HP-71 yield the same results as those

obtained with the HP-41, except that:

• The HP-71 provides two additional mantissa digits and and one more exponent digit than the HP-41.

This affects both the accuracy of numeric results and the allowed range of numbers.

• Unlike the HP-41, The HP-41 Translator Pac does not provide the ability to choose the digit sepa-

rator and radix format.

• There are some differences in keyboard entry methods that arise from the different keyboards of the

two computers and from the somewhat different styles of RPN arithmetic associated with HP-71

FORTH and the HP-41.

The HP-41 Translator Pac is based on a FORTH language system built into the pac. FORTH is a com-

puter language that shares many characteristics with the HP-41 user-programming language, but is more

widely recognized and applied to a greater variety of computers. You do not need to learn FORTH to use

the HP-41 translator, but programmers familiar with FORTH can use the system to write HP-71 applica-

tions entirely in FORTH.

Re: HP71B to HP 41 Translator ROM Manual - Michael Lopez - 04-24-2013

Hello Sylvain,

Many thanks & have now found it on my DVD set. It is strange that this manual doesn't appear in MoHPC index as far as I could tell.

Have just purchased one of these Translator ROMs for my HP71B & look forward to learning how to use it.



Re: HP71B to HP 41 Translator ROM Manual - Mike (Stgt) - 04-25-2013

IMHO it should be filed twice, or linked, so you may find it under HP41 _and_ HP71. Just a suggestion.