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The HP achievement award - Geir Isene - 04-16-2013

After receiving my upgraded HP-41CL and a new CL from Monte a few weeks back, I have been busy catching up on the progress during the last year.

I have familiarized myself with the new image database and the range of new modules included in this monster of a calc.

I have ploughed through the Library4 module, the YFNP, the AMC-OSX, and... the 4 banks Power_CL module. And what a module! And what a manual!

The manual for the Power_CL module is easily the best manual I have ever seen. It's better than any other software or hardware manual I've ever read. Better than any DVD player, car, watch, household appliance, robot or spaceship manual. It is the pinnacle of manuals.

And while the HP achievement award in the hardware category goes to Monte Dalrymple, Ángel Martin wins the award in the categories software and documentation.

I now have a crazy-good setup with Library4, HEPAX in page #6, HEPAX RAM in pages #8 and #9, ISENE rom in #A, AMC-OSX in #B, Power_CL in #C and YFNP in #D with #E and #F free for temporary plugin modules. All managed by backup and restore programs to and from flash whenever I create some MCODE routine that locks up the calc or some such. And with an easy routine to backup everything to a NoV module and to a cassette. And with the USB41, the serial interface and the PIL-box, I am so very hooked.

Thanks guys.

Re: The HP achievement award - Ángel Martin - 04-16-2013

I appreciate the praise, Geir - really, because I see that all that effort was useful to some folks like yourself - and that's what the whole thing is about!

A few more like you in the readership will definitely get me going :-)

You may also enjoy the new SandMath manual - even if not strictly CL related it definitely benefits from it (and what doesn't , right?). BTW (I know about your zest for statistics) - the AECROM Curve fitter is also included, a bank-switched version using 13-digit OS math routines; boy was that fun to crack.

Enjoy your rekindled CL, I'm still in awe of it myself as well.


Re: The HP achievement award - Monte Dalrymple - 04-17-2013

Thank you, Geir. Enjoy your machines.