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WP34s displaying text - Steve B (Canada) - 04-16-2013

I'm using the latest iOS version & previously created a couple of short programs on my iPod & used the "VW [alpha]+ X" function to display text on top line and value of X on bottom line. I've read and re-read the sections in both the manual and quick start PDFs and cannot remember how I got the "X" entered into the line! :-)

Thanks for any help!

Re: WP34s displaying text - Javier Goizueta - 04-16-2013

After selecting VW[alpha]+ through P.FCN, press TWICE the X key (the decimal point key)

Edited: 16 Apr 2013, 10:16 a.m.

Re: WP34s displaying text - Steve B (Canada) - 04-16-2013

Yes, now that sounds familiar... Thanks!

Re: WP34s displaying text - Walter B - 04-16-2013

How about using PROMPT instead? Compare p.81 in the printed manual.

Else you may enter VW[alpha]+ [ENTER] [.] as well (see footnote 22 on p.34).