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SandMath-44_2x2: New version now available - Ángel Martin - 04-14-2013

A new (and likely the last) version of the SandMath is released; now featuring a dual bank-switched configuration for a total of 16k, in an 8k-fotoprint.

Like its predecessor it also uses the Library#4, no changes here. 54 new "functions" have been added, for a grand total of 212. Some of them are quite large, like the AECROM Curve Fitter, the TAYLOR series, the inverse Error function (IERF), and a few others. It continues the theme of extensive use of the sub-function concept (with auxiliary FAT and launchers) - like the HEPAX and PowerCL do, and the previous SandMath did.

The additional 2 bank-switched pages hold large segments of MCODE, but no FOCAL programs if you need to know, this is due to the OS switching back to the main bank when the CPU goes to light sleep or executing a FOCAL program step). This required modifying the existing code in numerous places, breaking many function into two different parts to locate them on either bank. I also re-wrote a few FOCAL programs into MCODE counterparts, which has the additional benefit of faster speed of course - optimization but a lot of work and taking more real state (there's much to say about the code efficiency of FOCAL!)

Many authors have contributed to the SandMath in some degree, but it is specially so with Jean-Marc Baillard, who's written about 1/3rd. of the functions, and inspired some few more - and has graciously allowed me to take as much material from his web pages as needed for the SandMath Manual. Many thanks again.

The manual has also grown to a total of 129 pages - hopefully still useful despite its size.

Soon in a TOS near you; and as usual, send me an email if you can't wait...


Re: SandMath-44_2x2: New version now available - Frido Bohn - 04-16-2013

Hola Ángel,

Already the previous versions of SandMath-44 were an impressive example on how to push the 41 to its limits.

I am looking forward for this certainly great achievement of yours.

Thank you for all of your efforts!

Re: SandMath-44_2x2: New version now available - Ángel Martin - 04-17-2013

Glad you find it worthwhile Frido; the new version is already available for download at TOS, together with he QRG and module image.