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HP 50G emulation for android - Olivier De Smet - 04-13-2013

Go49g+, new model for android, now HP49G+ or HP50G with 2.15 rom support

  • Sound supported (only BEEP)
  • Portrait (for phones)
  • Landscape (for tablets)
  • HP82240 printer
  • Import export program/data via stack level 1
  • No arm support
  • No grayscale support
  • No hp sd card support

You have to download yourself the rom (form hpcalc.org or from HP).

More information at Link

P.S. go49g also got some changes (sound, landscape, bugs corrected)

Edited: 13 Apr 2013, 2:50 p.m.

Re: HP 50G emulation for android - Jedidiah Smith - 04-13-2013

Thank you Olivier, this is great news. :-). I will have to go try it out tonight.

Re: HP 50G emulation for android - Michael Lopez - 04-13-2013

Thanks Olivier. Is this application already available for the iPhone?



Re: HP 50G emulation for android - CompSystems - 04-14-2013

Some requests (sorry for my bad English)

1: Serial port emulation, for communication with microcontrollers (Arduino), it is possible?

2: Customize skins, where the user can add images (bmp, png) ) with a file control keys (~ kml script from emu48)

3: Option for Enlarged horizontal and vertical pixel

Screenshot of different combinations of emu42



The idea is to extend the pixels in different options, giving extra space to the keypad in small cell phones

4: Dot Matrix LCD simulation option and color pixel like Graph89_APP or Cal92+_on Android-OS