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HP-12C Primer - Max Stone - 04-13-2013

I've posted a brief primer on the HP-12C. The picture is mine, however much of the info was gathered from various sources.
Article is here: HP-12C Primer

Re: HP-12C Primer - Eddie W. Shore - 04-13-2013

Great technical information. Despite all the internal and manufacturing changes, the HP 12C is still selling big.

Re: HP-12C Primer - BShoring - 04-14-2013

Very informative!

I think the HP-12C survives because of it's great design and elegant packaging combined with a simple interface. Financial guys don't want to waste time messing with menus and cryptic instructions. They want to be able to get answers on the fly without a lot of fuss. Also want something that feels well made and durable.

While there is no question the Voyager series is better made than the Spice series, I have to say my favorite is the predecessor to the 12C, the HP-38C, which is almost functionally identical ( but without the bond and depreciation functions). Despite its flimsy packaging, I like the 38C's vertical design so I can use it in my hand. However, with it's flimsy design and terrible battery performance, it's no wonder it was replaced by the HP-12C.

It seems HP found a winner in the 12C and it reminds people of the great company HP used to be.

Re: HP-12C Primer - Frido Bohn - 04-16-2013

Great presentation!

Contributes very well to the persistence of the good reputation of HP which obviously has been outsourced by the company to their users.