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[41CL] Question for users - Monte Dalrymple - 03-27-2013

After looking at the "blue book" manual for the 43s, I wonder if there is any interest in me doing something similar for the 41CL? The pdf that would be the starting point will always be online, but how many are like me and like to have a hard copy handy?


Re: [41CL] Question for users - Kerem Kapkin (Silicon Valley, CA) - 03-27-2013

Hi Monte,
I prefer the hardcopy manual because especially with my 41CL, I like to take written notes and make annotations to the memory maps, highlight key commands, etc.In fact I wish I had a plastic card like the PPC ROM used to have, with FLASH memory addresses, programs, user areas, commands where you can take notes with a pencil and carry it inside the case.
Thank you! Kerem

Re: [41CL] Question for users - Dan Grelinger - 03-27-2013

I use a printed copy of the pdf manual available on the 41CL web site. I have printed it off twice, and need to do it again, primarily because images have been added to flash memory.

A hard copy will have the same issue. As revisions are made (seems to be frequently) a hard copy gets out of date.

A solution would be to create multiple documents.

1. Installation guide. (Once this is used, it is generally not needed for reference in the future).

2. Function Reference. This information seems to be pretty static, so a hard copy would have a relatively long lifetime.

3. Quick Reference Guide. Although it could have a list of functions included, its primarly purpose would be to reference the RAM map, Flash memory map, and ROM image information (name, IMDB mnemonic, and address). Distributed hard copies would have limited lifetime, however users would likely print out new copies of an on-line pdf every few months in order to have current information at their fingertips. It would not be more than a few pages.

Re: [41CL] Question for users - Ángel Martin - 03-27-2013

Being from the generation-X I have complete support for a real paper, tangible manual: nothing beats being able to make notes and underline those important sections, highlighter or else. So yes!!

Edited to add:

Should you think any of the Power-CL manual sections adds any value you're more than welcome to include them in the CL-Bluebook as well.

Edited: 27 Mar 2013, 3:31 p.m.

I second Angel's suggestion - add the PowerCL, module 4 etc to this manual :-) - Gene Wright - 03-27-2013

It really helps make the 41CL something special.

Re: [41CL] Question for users - Etienne Victoria - 03-28-2013

I would definitely purchase a hard-copy manual for the CL, ideally integrating Power-CL and - if possible - a reference table describing the differences between the various board versions HW and SW wise.

Thank you !


Re: [41CL] Question for users - Sylvain Cote - 03-28-2013

I second Dan, Angel, & Etienne content suggestions.

I would definitely buy at least one copy of the manual.

Best regards,


Re: [41CL] Question for users - Michael Lopez - 03-30-2013

Hi Monte,

I am also interested in at least one copy. Challenge however will be achieving a cost effective shipping cost to far away places such as where I live (Australia).



Re: [41CL] Question for users - Didier Lachieze - 03-30-2013

It depends on the delivery speed, for example for the WP 34S manual, shipping from US to Australia starts at 7.98 USD for the standard shipping with delivery in 8 weeks. By experience from US to France standard shipping delivery is much faster than estimated.