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Roms ... - Olivier De Smet - 03-26-2013

Based from my emulators for windows, I actually do some code on:

- HP87 emulator on android (99% finished, just some import/export tool to finish) with a nice 1016x480 graphic display with patched roms

- HP9816 emulator with 9122 floppies disk and 79xx hard disk (90% finished, some configuration tools to finish, it boot pascal 3.25 and basic 5.1 from HD or FD)

Those 2 emulators REALLY need an external keyboard (usb or bluetooth) and a 1280x800 tablet, but the problem of non-US keyboard mapping is not still well solved even on android 4.2 ... so they are not on google play.

As the 9816 is almost finished, I was thinking about an INTEGRAL (9807) emulator (rather same hardware) BUT for this as I don't have a 9807, I need a rom dump of this system ...

Perhaps one of you could help me about that rom dump ?

P.S. As I started to put android 4.x on an old eeepc I will certainly make some version of those emulators for this kind of android devices, it could be fun ...


Edited: 26 Mar 2013, 4:20 a.m.

Re: Roms ... - Geir Isene - 03-26-2013

9100 for Android? 9810?

Re: Roms ... - Patrice - 03-26-2013

Bonjour Olivier,

J'ai un IPC

tu es basé à quel endroit?

je suis dans les ardennes

Re: Roms ... - Raymond Del Tondo - 03-26-2013

Hi Patrice,

I think he doesn't mean the IPC (Integral PC), but rather a 98xx series machine with a similar name;-)



Re: Roms ... - Eric Smith - 03-26-2013

The Integral Personal Computer (IPC) is a 98xx series machine, the HP 9807.

Re: Roms ... - Raymond Del Tondo - 03-26-2013

So I stand corrected:-)

I had both the 9816 and the IPC back then, but forgot about the details.

Actually I thought that the IPC had a different model number, but obviously...

I just checked, mine had the 82991A HP-UX/RO OS Rel 5.0 and the HP 82989J Technical Basic ROM Module, and a 98927A 512K Memory Module.


Re: Roms ... - Eric Smith - 03-26-2013

I've been trying to find an 82987A "Software Engineering ROM" module for the Integral for ages! I'd be happy to even just get a dump, and make my own.