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Grapevine Publications still around? - Jedidiah Smith - 03-15-2013

Not sure if this group is the best to ask, or if this is more a Usenet Group type question, but does anyone know if Grapevine Publications is still around and in business?

I did the usual Google search and came up with their Oregon address, but no current website or phone number; only a P.O. Box.

I'm sure I'm not the only one to think of this:
With their old HP48 series books selling for what they do used, surely this points to some sort of market demand. Not enough to justify more printed runs, but if they have any in electronic format, converting them to e-book would not be that hard. Time consuming perhaps if the formatting needs changed, but not all that difficult. I wouldn't mind being in on a project like that.

Another aspect of this, would be taking the information in those books and porting it over to 50G or "49 Series speak", with correct menu screens, new button sequences to push, etc for the book examples. ;-) That would be a time consuming task, but could be quite a benefit to many out there just learning the 50G.

Does anyone know of a contact over there, or if any of the authors with last name of Coffin (were they brothers?) are in the user community anymore to ask about porting the books to e-book format?
Thanks for any help or info.


Re: Grapevine Publications still around? - peacecalc - 03-19-2013

Hello Jedidiha,

maybe this helps you: I found three web-adresses:


I have not any profit from this, maybe there are print-outs.


Re: Grapevine Publications still around? - Sylvain Cote - 03-19-2013

Hello Jed,

Grapevine Publications Inc (with address and phone number)


Best regards,