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HP17BII - time calculations - Brian - 09-15-1999

I am looking at buying an HP17BII. It'll do all I need for business. But can it work out time/distance calculations? Can I input HH.mm.ss and divide by a base 10 number and get the answer out in HH.mm.ss format? eg. if it takes me 40 mins and 37 seconds to run 8km can I work out how many min and seconds it take me to run each km? Thanks

Re: HP17BII - time calculations - Randy Smith - 09-16-1999

I don't know if the 17BII has hh.mmss to decimal hours conversion but you could always do it long hand. Divide the number of seconds by 60 to get the decimal equivalent, add it to the minutes, do the division then multiply the seconds in (.ss format) by 60 to get mm.ss format again. Always use 2 places for the seconds when multiplying. Hope this helps. Randy

Re: HP17BII - time calculations - DaveC - 09-16-1999

Brian - the 17Bii has the solver application. This is written without a manual to hand there may well be HMS calculations on the 17. What you would do is input a calculation with the unknowns HH,MM,SS,DIST performing the manipulation described by Randy above. When the solver is run, it determines that it needs HH,MM,SS,Dist and lables the soft keys at the top of the keyboard with these mnemonics. You then input the number of hours and press the softkey labled HH and so on.

Re: HP17BII - time calculations - Frank Rizzo - 09-18-1999

Brian, I just looked at my 17BII and the manual. The 17BII does not have a built in function to handle HH.mmss calculations of the type you want to do. The TIME application does date arithmetic (days between dates, etc.), but does not handle shorter times. However, Dave is correct that you could use the built-in Solver application to write your own "program" to handle your run time calculations. If you know the formula describing the relationship between the variables, it will be easy to do!

Best of luck!


Thanks - Brian - 10-04-1999

Thanks for the responses guys.

I have now purchased a HP17BII. I like the solver function and the calculator is going great.