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WP 34S - Richard Berler - 03-08-2013

Just realized how easy it is to call f '(x) in a solve routine! Boy does that make f '(x) useful in finding f(x) max/mins! So cool...and you can take the value in the x register to find f(x), and use that same x in the f ''(x) function to determine max or min! Way cool for a pocket machine.

Re: WP 34S - Walter B - 03-08-2013

That's Pauli's merit.


Re: WP 34S - Paul Dale - 03-09-2013

You can freely nest calls to solve, integrate, f', f", sum and product with each other and even with themselves. Thank Marcus for implementing the proper nesting of these. When I implemented them originally they didn't nest at all. With the addition of the local register code these function could be nested.

- Pauli