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User Library programs - Michae Altmann - 03-02-2013

I have about a dozen programs from the HP-65 user library. These are the original paper copies that you got and then entered into the calculator. Some of them are handwritten by the author, others are typed. Are people interested in my scanning them? None of them are programs that are listed on the museum's DVD, but I don't know if that list is up to date.

Re: User Library programs - nina scholz - 03-02-2013

i am interested and curious.

Re: User Library programs - Thomas Chrapkiewicz - 03-02-2013

Yes; I believe that are many of us that are interested. I've also got a few (including my own accepted submissions) that I need to scan in.


Re: User Library programs - David Hayden - 03-02-2013

Yes, I believe the curator is always looking for User Library programs. See this link for details.


Re: User Library programs - Michae Altmann - 03-04-2013

The page in this site about submitting programs says that they should be submitted to Dave Hicks in HTML format. It seems to me that digital scans would be more fun because they preserve the original handwriting or typing. Is there a system for submitting scans? Should I just upload them on something like Flickr or Google+? I dropped a line to Dave Hicks but have not heard back.

Re: User Library programs - Richard Garner - 03-05-2013


If you have a program that you want posted on the web site, Dave requires them in HTML so they can be posted in the program section. In this case with the User Library Programs, you can scan them in as PDF files and email them to Dave and he will put them in the next installment of the Museum DVDs. Someplace on the museum web site Dave has a discription of how to scan things in at a level that is reable and keeps a small file size.