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[41CL] Problem with PowerCL ... not working - Doug (NYC) - 01-20-2013

Hello all,

I'm using my v3 41CL and trying to learn PowerCL from Ángel Martin. However, I'm having a bear of a time getting it installed/working. I'll start from a blank slate:

# Load the Library #4
"804040-8120" XEQ "YPOKE"

All of this works as expected. A few tests:

XEQ "MMUCAT" ... works
XEQ "PLUGG?" ... works
XEQ "ΣCL" ... works
CATALOG 2 ... (among others)
  • YFNS 4B

Then work as expected. But then I start running into problems.

XEQ "ΣCL" C F ... just shows the XCAT B:G:K:L:M:U:X again

So, what's going on? Verify MMU settings...

"804090-0000" XEQ "YPEEK" ... 804090-8114 (as expected)
"804094-0000" XEQ "YPEEK" ... 804094-8116 (bank 3, as expected)
"804098-0000" XEQ "YPEEK" ... 804098-8115 (bank 2, as expected)
"80409C-0000" XEQ "YPEEK" ... 80409C-8117 (bank 4, as expected)

So, the MMU has loaded PowerCL just fine. Double-checking the page 4 mapping is good too:

"804040-0000" XEQ "YPEEK" ... "804040-8120" (as expected)

So, I'm a bit lost as to what is going on and why some of PowerCL doesn't seem to be working. I welcome help.



Re: [41CL] Problem with PowerCL ... not working - Ángel Martin - 01-20-2013

Hi Doug, a couple of quick checks:

1. make sure you use the XROM#15 version of the Y-functions, or YFNZ.

2. even better, use YFNP instead - this is what the PowerCL is designed for.

3. I don't have the latest CL board thus can't try the loading instruction using the mnemonic. Try using the "manual" approach, as follows:



Let us know if this helps.
Cheers, 'AM.

Re: [41CL] Problem with PowerCL ... not working - Ángel Martin - 01-20-2013

I just noticed the functions not working for you: BLCAT and YFNZ? - pls. note that those function names are not in the latest revision of the PowerCL_4B , which is the one loaded at address 0x114.

Try PGCAT instead. The corresponding manual is posted at Monte´s site and at TOS, it´s a lengthy one, hopefully helps.



Edited: 20 Jan 2013, 5:01 p.m.

Re: [41CL] Problem with PowerCL ... not working - Doug (NYC) - 01-21-2013

Hi ÁM,

Thanks for the prompt reply. (I think it's funny I post my message in UTF-8 and you post yours in ISO-8859-1, so you can't see both of them correctly at the same time. The forum apparently doesn't enforce any character encoding.)

I have been learning PowerCL from the manual at the URL you mention, indeed, thank you. It is manual dated November 2012 for Revision 4E. My CATALOG 2 on my 41CL shows that it is using PowerCL B4.

I am guessing that your manual needs a revision, then, for the PowerCL B4 version. BLCAT is referenced in it three times, and YFNZ? is referenced about seven. Perhaps in the new version of the manual you could state which version of the ROM the manual is for?

Do you have a revision history document somewhere?

Also, I'm curious, what software do you use to prepare the manual?



Re: [41CL] Problem with PowerCL ... not working - Ángel Martin - 01-22-2013

Hi Doug, thanks for reporting the manual typos and out-of-date function names. Indeed it still said BLCAT in the November-2012 revision. I have prepared a new one correcting those and other typos, I can send it to you if you give me an email addr.

The manual revision is stated in page 2. Currently is "4.W.44.4"

Note that YFNZ? is located in bank-4, thus it requires "XEQ2" to launch - so typing XEQ "YFNZ?" will not work. Pls. refer to the subfunction groups sections in the manual.

Pls. report other issues as you encounter them - the PowerCL covers a very wide spectrum of functionality (CL and 41 system overall) - it's rather difficult for a single-man band (who also has a day job) to get it squeaky clean perfect right off the shoe.


Edited: 22 Jan 2013, 4:16 a.m.

Re: [41CL] Problem with PowerCL ... not working - Doug (NYC) - 01-22-2013

Hi ÁM,

Thanks for all the work you've done on expanding the 41's capabilities, as well as the CL's!

I will of course continue to update you and the HP Forum as I find issues, discrepancies, etc. I will also of course try to contribute more useful information too. :)