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magnetic strip malfunction - aurelio - 01-13-2013

I got a problem with a preloaded strip of the HP67-97 standard pack.
I'm pretty sure the problem is in the card 'cause I tested it with a 67, a 41 and a 97 (all those read without any problem the other strips of the pack). For this reason, instead that looking for a reader's possible issue I've tryed to clean with alcohol the written side of the card.
The result is the same "Eerror" message.......

What are the advices for this issue?
Thank-you a lot

Re: magnetic strip malfunction - Paul Berger (Canada) - 01-13-2013

Some of the cards in my standard pack have become unreadable, while most read ok as well as other cards so like you I suspect a problem with the card, however contamination did not seem to be an issue, but rather it would seem the data recorded on the card is damaged or degraded. The only solution I found was to re-enter the program and create a new card, or have someone with a good card create a copy for you. There are listings for the programs in manual for the standard pack.

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Re: magnetic strip malfunction - aurelio - 01-13-2013

To re-enter the program in the same original card I must recreate the missing "corner", what do you suggest for this pourpose, a piece of "scotch" tape?

Edited: 13 Jan 2013, 12:52 p.m.

Re: magnetic strip malfunction - Paul Berger (Canada) - 01-13-2013

I suppose that would work but I have never tried, I replaced my card with a "new" blank card, I did not reuse the original card.

Re: magnetic strip malfunction - Dan Grelinger - 01-13-2013

I'm not familiar with the HP-67/97, but the HP-41C would ignore the write protect if user flag 14 was set before recording. The HP-67 may have a similar function.

Re: magnetic strip malfunction - Dan Lewis - 01-13-2013

Aurelio, you should check out this little article on repairing pre-recorded cards for the HP-65, 67/97 and 41C.

How to Repair Pre-recorded Cards

I just finished restoring an HP-65, and I've found this method to be helpful on a number of occasions when a prerecorded card didn't work.

I put one piece of scotch tape on one side of the card, then another on the other side so that both adhesive sides touch each other. You can make it easy on yourself by placing the tape on the card and trimming the excess with a razor blade, using the card edge as a guide.

Hope this works for you!


Re: magnetic strip malfunction - Sylvain Cote - 01-13-2013

There is also a 2000 post that discuss a work around, here is the link


Re: magnetic strip malfunction - aurelio - 01-14-2013

Thank-you all for the help.
I'll check today and report the results