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3D Model - HP 50g 49G+ 39G+ 48Gii - JJB299 - 01-10-2013

I was working on an environmental case for my 50g. I shelved the project because 3D printing costs are still high and my design had a lot of plastic.
Anyways, before I designed a case for the 50g, I had to model the 50g first. I have a 3D CAD file (DWG) of the 50g that I believe to be very accurate. I have checked many dimensions with a caliper and I have even included the buttons and feet in the model.
Anyone interested in using this model? Please contact me and I will send it out. I feel it should go to good use.
I built this in AutoCAD, so I can export a wide variety of CAD formats. Let me know.
Note: I don't have the ability to post an image. Can someone post an image of the model in a reply if I send it to them?

Re: 3D Model - HP 50g 49G+ 39G+ 48Gii - Dan Lewis - 01-11-2013


I'm not sure if I personally am interested in using the model, but I would be interested in the final product.

I have a friend (who uses a 50G, just like you and I) who is working on a 3D printer for a senior project. His Dad uses a 3D printer at work all the time, so I'm sure he would be interested in developing a final product. I'll ask him what he thinks of it and get back to you.


Re: 3D Model - HP 50g 49G+ 39G+ 48Gii - JJB299 - 01-17-2013

WOW to the ZERO people who took me up on this offer.

Re: 3D Model - HP 50g 49G+ 39G+ 48Gii - Raymond Del Tondo - 01-18-2013

One reason could be that its the 50g only. If it were the HP 48, there would be a greater chance to receive positive feedback;-)

Slightly OT: In an earlier thread (or maybe in comp.sys.hp48) someone asked for the names of the MEs of the HP 48, and I named some of them.