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GPL alpha version sources of Emu42 for Win32 - Christoph Giesselink - 11-03-2002

Because of many requests for an HP42S emulator I decided to publish the alpha version sources of an program for Win32 that can emulate a HP42S and similar ones of this series. The sources base on Emu48 and are published without any support.

Because it's not finished product, I only publish the sources. You need the MSVC++ v6.0 compiler for compiling the sources and with additional work it will be possible to use the MinGW package for it.

Because of licence reasons ROM images aren't included, read J-F Garnier MoHPC article how to make make one. The emulator needs a one Nibble per Byte format also used by Emu48.

The links:

The emulator sources


A ROM image CRC checker


Universal image conversation programs


JFG HP42S article



Christoph Giesselink

Re: GPL alpha version sources of Emu42 for Win32 - Erik Ehrling (Sweden) - 11-03-2002

Very interesting! I haven't got VSC++, but the existence of an alpha version of a HP42S emulator for Windows is very exciting...