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Review of the DM-16CC - hpnut - 01-02-2013

Hi all,

I am not a computer scientist but I am fascinated with the original HP 16C. The new DM-16cc from Swiss Micros is a good mini version.

I ordered mine with the nice leather flip case. The machine itself is not significantly different from an early batch 15CC scientific. The membrane keyboard remains. Hope Michael can improve with real moulded keys for the next version.

The font on the new DM calculator is thinner than before, making it somewhat easier to read.

I like it's size and RPN feature. It won't replace regular sized calculators but definitely handy with it's credit card size.


hpnut in Malaysia

Re: Review of the DM-16CC - Guido (Canada) - 01-04-2013

Yes, the software is very good and to have a usb connector with
the possibility to update the firmware is a good idea too.
The problem is the keyboard. They really need to work on that to
make this a successful product.

You will notice that the keys do sometimes click but they don't register. You really have to watch the display while typing.
The worst case is when this happens while pressing Enter.
At that point it is not immediately obvious that the Enter did not register. Although with RPN showing always all results of all intermediate steps you can usually spot the error one step later
and start over again.