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WP 34S: Remove "m.dy"? - Jim Horn - 01-02-2013

My apologies for what is probably a simple question regarding the remarkable WP 34S. Specifically, mine shows "m.dy" all the time unless overridden by a program or other function. Is there a way to blank the alpha display by default? I know it's in m.dy mode and don't need it distracting me all the time.

Please don't consider this a complaint about the firmware - that is magnificent! But having read the fine manual several times I've missed a way to clear that display.

Thanks to all -

Re: WP 34S: Remove "m.dy"? - Walter B - 01-02-2013

I'm awfully sorry but mode indications are permanent. And we found no smaller way to indicate this unique setting (see p. 39) on this great display. Alas, it costs a bit more having a special taste ;-) Anyway "m.dy" will get out of the way as soon as display space is required for something more important (see p. 35). Thanks for your understanding.


Re: WP 34S: Remove "m.dy"? - Dieter - 01-02-2013

Of course I can't say for sure, but somehow I feel this is Walter's revenge for 30 years of staring at this annoying D.MY indicator in the display of his 12C. :-)))


LOL (was: WP 34S: Remove "m.dy"?) - Luiz C. Vieira (Brazil) - 01-02-2013


Re: WP 34S: Remove "m.dy"? - Paul Dale - 01-02-2013

Mine too -- most of the English speaking world uses day-month-year for dates.

- Pauli

Re: WP 34S: Remove "m.dy"? - Jim Horn - 01-02-2013

Good heavens, Walter, no need for sorrow! I'm just glad I'm not so knuckleheaded that I missed something obvious in the manual. The "m.dy" indication is fine - I'll just consider it another feature of this, my primary use calculator. Many thanks!

Re: WP 34S: Remove "m.dy"? - Pete Wilson - 01-04-2013

Very annoying - seems like a good time for custom firmware practice!